October 12 2007

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October 12th, 2007 (October 12 2007)EventIn Santa Clarita, California, the colision of two semi-trucks in a truck bypass tunnel in the Newhall Pass section of Interstate 5 sets off a chain reaction crash involving over 30 vehicles. The crash causes a major fire within the tunnel. Three people die and ten are injured.
October 12th, 2007 (October 12 2007)DeathKisho Kurokawa, Japanese architect (born in 1934)
October 12th, 1997 (October 12 1997)EventSidi Daoud massacre in Algeria; 43 killed at a fake roadblock.
October 12th, 1997 (October 12 1997)BirthPrince Boris of Bulgaria
October 12th, 1997 (October 12 1997)DeathJohn Denver, American singer (born in 1943)
October 12th, 1987 (October 12 1987)DeathAlf Landon, Governor of Kansas (born in 1887)
October 12th, 1977 (October 12 1977)BirthJessica Barker, Canadian actress
October 12th, 1977 (October 12 1977)BirthBode Miller, American alpine ski-racerBode Miller Quotes
October 12th, 1977 (October 12 1977)BirthJavier Toyo, Venezuelan footballer
October 12th, 1967 (October 12 1967)EventVietnam War: US Secretary of State Dean Rusk states during a news conference that proposals by the U.S. Congress for peace initiatives were futile because of North Vietnam s opposition
October 12th, 1967 (October 12 1967)DeathRam Manohar Lohia, Indian Socialist politician leader
October 12th, 1957 (October 12 1957)BirthKristen Bjorn, British film director
October 12th, 1947 (October 12 1947)BirthChris Wallace, American journalist
October 12th, 1947 (October 12 1947)BirthGeorge Lam, Hong Kong singer
October 12th, 1937 (October 12 1937)BirthPaul Hawkins, Australian racing driver (died in 1969)
October 12th, 1937 (October 12 1937)BirthRobert Mangold, American artist
October 12th, 1917 (October 12 1917)EventThe First Battle of Passchendaele, now Passendale
October 12th, 1917 (October 12 1917)BirthRoque Maspoli, Uruguayan footballer (died in 2004)
October 12th, 1887 (October 12 1887)BirthPaula von Preradovic, Croatian-Austrian poet (died in 1951)
October 12th, 1537 (October 12 1537)BirthKing Edward VI of England (died in 1553)

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